Residential Sewer Adjustment Policy

CUB automatically adjusts residential sewer bills during the summer period (meters read May 1 – October 31) to compensate for watering your lawn, filling your swimming pool, etc. This approach is based on the assumption that during the summer period, no more water will be entering the sewer system than the peak level established in the previous winter period (meters read November 1 – April 30). The maximum sewer charge set forth herein is not applicable unless a residential customer has maintained water service at the metered location continuously during the preceding winter period. Upon customer request, and on a case by case basis, CUB will evaluate sewer adjustments for the periods that occur just before and just beyond the summer period but adhere to the intent of the policy.

Utility billing will be implemented to select the highest month’s water use level for each household from the winter period, and to use that highest consumption level to compute the maximum sewer charge the customer will receive during the summer period. All adjustments will be made using the current rates in effect.

Schedule of Rates and Charges

Month100 Gallons UsedSewer ChargesAdjusted ConsumptionAdjusted Sewer Charges
November ’176033.02
December ’174525.77
January ’185530.60
February ’186635.91
March ’185932.53
April ’183621.42
May ’185530.60
June ’187238.816635.91
July ’1810554.646635.91
August ’1810353.726635.91
September ’183822.39
October ’184123.84

Notes: Assumptions – Example reflects (inside city) rates effective with meters read on or after November 1, 2015.