Wiring Permits

(Effective January 27, 2020)

The State of Tennessee requires that all wiring permits be inspected by a State Electrical Inspector.
Electric permits must be purchased in advance to get electrical wiring inspected.

Clinton Utilities Board offers their customers the convenience of purchasing State Electrical Permits online by visiting www.core.tn.gov.

If you have any questions, please call (865)457-9232. The State Electrical Inspector takes calls in his office during normal business hours at (865)740-2486 if you need further assistance.

State of Tennessee Wiring Permits
From 0 – 30 ampere service$35.00
From 31 – 60 ampere service$35.00
From 61 – 200 ampere service$35.00
From 201 – 400 ampere service$40.00
From 401 – 600 ampere service$50.00
From 601 – 1,000 ampere service$90.00
From 1,001 – capacity & abovenegotiable
Rough-in inspections$35.00
Inspection of a heating or cooling unit$35.00
Re-inspection based on rejection of a 0 – 1,000 ampere capacity$35.00
Issue agent fee per permit$2.00