Verifying Utility Employee Identity

CUB cares about public safety.

One of the reasons why all CUB employees and contractors carry official CUB identification (ID) badges with them at all times is to reduce the possibility of our customers being “scammed”. These ID badges are readily visible on the front of all CUB-related personnel.

If someone claiming to be a CUB employee or contractor asks to enter your home, ask to view his or her ID badge, even if you initiated the contact to the utility. Also, please be advised that CUB employees will rarely ask to enter a customer’s home. Most CUB field personnel, while on the job, are required to wear uniforms bearing CUB’s logo, both during and after regular business hours.

Because CUB contracts with other companies from time to time, you may also see non-CUB employees with legitimate CUB ID badges. However, even professional-looking badges may have been forged, so always feel free to call CUB at 865-457-9232 to verify that someone has been dispatched to your address. If you are still uncertain, refuse entry to the individual and call 911.

CUB Employee Badge