Water and Sewer Other Charges & Fees

(Effective March 14, 2023)

Service Fees – (Electric, Water and/or Sewer)
8am to 5pm Monday – Friday$20
After 5pm M-F, Weekends & Holidays$100
Automatic turn-on (Landlords)$10


Reconnect Fees (Call/Request Received)
8am to 4pm Monday – Friday$25
4pm to 8pm Monday – Friday$50
Other, Weekends & Holidays$115


Trip Fees




Meter Test Fee


Returned Check/Draft Fee




Broken Seal Fee$100 Inspection
Theft of Service$100 + damages + usage


120/240 volt Temp. Service Charge


(Overhead service drop)


120/240 volt Temp. Service Charge


(Underground service pedestal)


Set & Remove Transformer


(Temporary Services Only)


Charge for OL Pole


$200 1-time + $2.50/mo.


Transformer Charge for OL only




Customer Requested Assistance


No charge 8 to 5 M-F
(No charge if CUB problem)$150 after 5 & weekends


Water/Sewer Inspection


Cost Recovery